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Thursday 19 April 2018

Session 1A – Computers are your friend
Phase-contrast CT mammography: optimising imaging conditions for future clinical applications Prof Patrick C Brennan The University of Sydney
Recent advances in breast screening CAD research: a scoping review Anthony Maeder Flinders Digital Health Research Centre, SA
Machine learning for cancer detection in dense breast Gobert Lee Flinders University, SA
Nuclear atypia scoring by combining pathologist’s assessment and
computer-assisted analysis
Prof Patrick C Brennan The University of Sydney
Impact of full-field digital mammography versus film-screen mammography: systematic review Rachel Farber University of Sydney
Session 1B: Social media is your friend
The use of social media for professional advancement and CPD Catherine A Hill Dr Jones & Partners, SA
Social media is changing the way breast screening is promoted Tammy Yam, Kathryn  Duggan BreastScreen NSW, Hunter New England and Central Coast Primary Health Network, NSW
Secure GP messaging project - digital delivery of results Fiona Smith BreastScreen WA
Impact on rescreen rates using targeted recruitment strategies Penny Iosifidis BreastScreen SA
Mammography online training 1 year on and where to next? Jayne Mullen Monash BreastScreen, VIC
Session 1C: How to reach marginalised people
A three-month pharmacy-based breast screening awareness campaign Annie Cooper BreastScreen VIC
Marketing and recruiting the ‘diverse’ quarter - multicultural equity framework Trudy Phelps, Sheetal Callam Cancer Institute NSW
Find the NSW 2000- A BreastScreen NSW public relations campaign Samantha Raheb Cancer Institute NSW
Session 2A: Some answers to the questions you are asking
Clinicians’ perspectives on issues around DCIS detected through age-extended screening Dr Jolyn Hersch The University of Sydney
Does screening 45-49 year olds promote participation in older women? Nick J Ormiston-Smith Queensland Health
Obesity and participation in breastscreening among women from western Sydney Dr Kate A McBride Western Sydney University
Session 2B: Tailored Screen 1
Tailored screening: What can we learn from the latest research for other organised programs? Prof Karen Canfell Cancer Council NSW
Educational tool development to increase acceptability of tailored breast screening Dr Jocelyn  Lippey Royal Melbourne Hospital, VIC
Increasing participation –BreastScreen Queensland pre-booked appointment trial Annette Birt Queensland Health
Emerging technologies in breast cancer screening Anna Gribble Allen & Clark, New Zealand
Session 2C: Ergonomics and performance management
Prevention and early intervention strategies to maintain the health of our workforce Georgia Upton, Gail Ward BreastScreen SA, Tasmanian Health Service
Put yourself in my position- BreastScreening radiographer ergonomics Glenys  Campbell BreastScreen WA
Radiography performance management: “State performance on a page” Monique Warrillow, Genevieve Webb St Vincent's BreastScreen, VIC, BreastScreen VIC
Forces on the radiographer's shoulder, positioning a mediolateral oblique mammogram Bronwyn A Knight BreastScreen SA
Session 3A: Rural and remote considerations
Remote teleradiology assessment in Queensland Dr Linda Cockburn, Greg Shephard, Michelle Tornabene BreastScrean QLD, Department of Health, QLD
Managing rural/remote partnerships Kelly Cameron BreastScreen WA
Developmental research for a new campaign targeting under-screened NSW women Dr Nicola Scott Cancer Institute NSW
Working in partnership: primary care led increases in screening participation Dr Jo-Anne Adendorff North Coast Primary Health Network, NSW
Session 3B: Tailored Screen 2
On the road towards tailored screening: More than science Vicki Pridmore BreastScreen VIC
Session 3C: Increasing participation of CALD women
The door too big - Lets walk together Nancy Todd BreastScreen New Zealand
Improving breast screening awareness and participation among culturally diverse women Annie Cooper BreastScreen VIC
Increasing priority population participation by implementation of novel service model Katrina M Laughton BreastScreen NSW
Reminder letters and outbound calls to women in their language Annie  Cooper BreastScreen VIC

Friday 20 April 2018

Plenary session
The future of breast cancer screening in Australia: Insights from the transformation of the National Cervical Screening Program Prof Karen Canfell Cancer Council NSW
Session 4A: Imaging and interpretation advances
The introduction of CESM into a BreastScreen assessment clinic Carolyn Madeley Royal Perth Hospital, WA
BREAST: Achievements, current activities and future directions Prof Patrick C Brennan The University of Sydney
SCRM Driving further efficiencies four years on Rochelle Howard BreastScreen QLD
MRI screening high risk women and the gadolinium controversy Dr Jane C Reasbeck Wesley Breast Clinic, QLD
Session 4B: Reflections on overdetection
Treatment intensity of early-stage breast cancer according to screening
Prof Bruce  Mann Royal Melbourne and Royal Women's Hospital, VIC
Stage-specific breast cancer incidence: insights from 25 years of screening Gemma  Jacklyn The University of Sydney
Overdiagnosis in NSW due to screening mammography for breast cancer Gemma  Jacklyn The University of Sydney
Long-term effects of informing women about overdetection in breast screening Dr Jolyn  Hersch The University of Sydney
Reflections on overdetection: longitudinal qualitative follow-up after mammography decision aid Dr Jolyn  Hersch The University of Sydney
Session 4C: Health economics/the New Zealand approach
The ABACUS/Policy1 model for breast cancer screening: modelling approach Dr Pietro  Procopio University of Melbourne
Increasing participation for priority groups in New Zealand Barbara Miller Northland District Health Board, New Zealand
Consolidation of New Zealand breast cancer registers Valerie C L Davey BreastScreen South, New Zealand
Session 5A: Participation among LGBTI women
Breast cancer detection and the transgender community - evidence based clinical considerations  Nick Repin BreastScreen TAS
Innovation and Inclusion: ACON and CINSW partnership for LGBTIQ communities and the #TalkTouchTest campaign Karen Price ACON, NSW
Improving participation among LGBTI women with a rainbow tick Vicki  Pridmore BreastScreen VIC
Trans and gender diverse people and breast screening Monique  Warrillow St Vincent's BreastScreen, VIC
Session 5B: Breast density
The association between ethnicity and breast density in screening mammography Prof Robin J Bell BreastScreen VIC
Breast density and the diagnosis of invasive cancer on screening Prof Robin J Bell, BreastScreen VIC
Session 5C: Participation in the Aboriginal community
A review of the Aboriginal women’s health check day (2009-2017)  Tammy  Yam BreastScreen NSW
Engagement of Aboriginal women in breast screening – an adaptable model Carisa Cook Yerin Aboriginal Health Services, NSW
BreastScreen Aboriginal engagement project - Greater Western NSW Christine  Fing BreastScreen NSW

Saturday 21 April 2018

Session 6A: The clients experience
With me, not for me – client centric care in BreastScreen  Dr Cathy Balding, Genevieve Webb La Trobe University, VIC, BreastScreen VIC
Minority report: challenging assumptions about clients’ assessment clinic experiences Dr Jo-Anne  Kelder, Gail Ward University of Tasmania, Tasmanian Health Services
Understanding the experience of women undergoing assessment with BreastScreen NSW Dr Nicola Scott Cancer Institute NSW
Session 6B: National approach
BSA clinical advisory committee Jane Burden BreastScreen SA
Achieving national quality improvement - driving collaboration in the BSA program Dr Julie  Thompson National Quality Management Committee, VIC
Mercury rising : Is it? Or do we even know it? Kerrie  Donohue BreastScreen NSW
Session 6C: Tomosynthesis.
Sponsored by Siemens
BreastScreen assessment: Can tomosynthesis perform better than mammography work-up views?  Dr Jennie  Noakes BreastScreen NSW
Routine digital breast tomosynthesis at BreastScreen assessment: updated results Dr Darren  Lockie Maroondah Breastscreen, VIC
BreastScreen Victoria tomosynthesis screening trial, Maroondah pilot: service preparedness Michelle  Clemson Maroondah BreastScreen, VIC
BreastScreen Victoria tomosynthesis screening trial, Maroondah pilot: preliminary outcomes Dr Darren  Lockie Maroondah Breastscreen, VIC
Tomosynthesis screening trial organisational issues: integrity and confidence Georgina  Marr BreastScreen VIC
Session 7A: Pathology and assessment
What are the likely consequences of active surveillance for ADH?  Prof Gelareh Farshid SA Pathology
Ovarian cycle stage affects intrinsic subtyping of mouse mammary tumours Sarah M Bernhardt University of Adelaide
Breast biopsy on therapeutic anticoagulation at BreastScreen SA Dr Jillian  Gardner BreastScreen SA
Atypical proliferative lesions diagnosed on core biopsy - 5 year review Dr Angela K Harris, Dr Ricardo E Vilain Pathology North, NSW
Session 7B: Participation rates
An integrated approach to improving low breast screening participation rates  Kathryn  Duggan Hunter New England and Central Coast PHN, NSW
Effectiveness of CALD community engagement model in breast cancer screening Tammy  Yam BreastScreen NSW
The CALD women’s cancer screening ambassadors project – working together effectively Marita Therese Aldridge BreastScreen SA
Encouraging women in the workforce to make time for themselves Coby  Pearson BreastScreen WA
Session 7C: Image quality
Sponsored by: Volpara Solutions Australia
Assessing the quality of our images  Sarah  Dunn St Vincent’s Breastscreening, VIC
Revisiting image quality assessment, a revised version PGAI Elizabeth  Stewart Monash Breastscreen, VIC
Function of mammary fibroblasts from women with high mammographic density Maddison  Archer University of Adelaide
Radiologists detect ‘gist’ of breast cancer before overt signs appear Prof Patrick C Brennan The University of Sydney
Evaluation of Volpara Enterprise PGMI image assessment system in screening Georgina  Upton BreastScreen SA

Poster Presentations

Overcoming barriers to breast screening in migrant and Indigenous women  Melissa Davis BreastScreen VIC
Beautiful women campaign increases awareness among LGBTI women Matthew Scalon BreastScreen VIC
Feasibility of using community pharmacies to increase participation Carolyn Brown, Liz  Ostermann Metro South Health, QLD, Department of Health, QLD
Ladies, it's time for a girl's day out Denise Mallon MidCentral District Health Board, NZ
Turning lapsed attendee data in to bookings Coby Pearson BreastScreen WA
Impact of online bookings on BreastScreen activity Nick J Ormiston-Smith Queensland Health
Increasing participation in breast screening – the Queensland experience  Annette Birt, Nick Ormiston-Smith, Michelle Tornabene Queensland Health
Gaol or Jail - does it matter? Giving the inmates access Jane Walsh Northern NSW Local Health District
Tomosynthesis is advantageous in detecting cancer in dense breasts Summer Ning, Sherry Chen Westmead Breast Cancer Institute, Breast Screen NSW
Impact of out of hours incentive on screening activity Nick J Ormiston-Smith Queensland Health
An intervention to reduce anxiety and pain associated with mammography Dr Wendy Vincent BreastScreen NSW